12 Steps to Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Website

The below factors contribute to website speed and should be analyzed and corrected as needed:

  1. Hosting: Very important to be on a reputable provider that focuses on speed.
  2. PHP version: Update to the latest version
  3. WordPress Version: Update to the latest version
  4. Theme: Very important that the theme is lightweight and focuses on speed.
  5. Plugins: More Plugins = slower website! Remove what you don’t need and update the rest to the latest version.
  6. Image Sizing: If images are too large (in dimensions), it has a huge impact on performance.
  7. Image Compression: If images are too large (in file size), it has a huge impact on performance.
  8. CDN: If your customers are spread out geographically, a CDN should be used.
  9. Caching: Optimize caching to deliver content from a static location.
  10. Minification and Combining of CSS and JavaScript code: To reduce the number of requests.
  11. Lazy loading of images: To defer loading of images until they are needed.
  12. Database Optimization: Cleanup records that are no longer needed to save space.

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