10 Steps to Resize and Optimize Images on your WordPress Website

  1. Scan the page on https://gtmetrix.com/
  2. On the PageSpeed tab, Expand Serve scaled images and identify the image with the issue
  • In this example the image is being resized from 3000×1996 to 465×309.
  1. Download the image to your computer
  2. Using an image editing tool, resize the image to the appropriate size (GTMetrix scan will tell you what size it should be)
  • In the above example, resize to 465×309.
  1. Save the image with a new filename
  2. Optimize (Compress) the image using an image optimization tool – such as https://tinypng.com/
    • Notice it reduces the file size a lot
  1. Download the optimized images
  2. Re-upload the image to the page and Save
  3. Clear server cache via the WordPress dashboard or directly on the hosting server
  4. Run the scan again on GTMetrix to confirm the issue is resolved
  • Check the Serve scaled images and Optimize images sections under PageSpeed